Orchard Primary School

lcsc support group completed playground (3).jpg
Alex on trampoline funded by Trefoil (2).jpg

In 2017 Trefoil pledged £6,000 to Orchard Primary School to help them turn an empty outdoor space into a playground specifically adapted to the needs of children with autism.

Trefoil's grant purchased two sunken wheelchair accessible trampolines and 10 grass mats, to create a fantastic space for the children to play safely. The playground also features an octagonal shelter, log stepping stones, a balance beam and wobble walkway, a climbing wall, rotating dish and a wall mounted chalkboard in addition to other standard playground equipment designed to
improve the motor skills of the children utilising it.

Having this safe space allows pupils to receive appropriate outdoor sensory regulation but most importantly; gives them a safe environment in which to play. The Trefoil trustees are glad to have been able to play a part in constructing this brilliant playground.