The Teapot Trust

Rachel and young artist picture from Edinburgh Open Group.jpg

The Teapot Trust delivers professional art therapy to chronically ill children and young people across the UK. Trefoil helped launch a new service in the National Child Psychiatric Unit at Glasgow RHC in 2015 and we are now helping sustain Teapot Trust’s original service in Edinburgh Royal Children’s Hospital thanks to a £10,000 grant.

The Teapot Trust works with children and young people with all types of life changing mental and physical illnesses. Whilst many people assume that art therapy is routinely offered to children in hospitals, the reality is that such initiatives are only given to children with well-known diseases (such as cancer or heart disease). Those suffering from less well-known but equally life-threatening illnesses often struggle alone.

Members of the hospital team who have witnessed the benefits of this work have been very impressed, with one saying “Art Therapy works particularly well with children who find it difficult to express themselves verbally and can create transformational change in a child’s life.”

Trefoil is pleased to continue its support of The Teapot Trust.