Teapot Trust

The Teapot Trust children’s charity uses art therapy as a way of helping young people cope with long term medical conditions. Trefoil helped funding a new service in the Child Psychiatric Unit at Glasgow RHC.

Teapot Trust

November 2015


In January 2016 the Teapot Trust was able to start a new service in the Child Psychiatric Unit at Glasgow RHC. This service is making a big difference to the lives of these children, enabling better support for those struggling to cope with their condition.

The input of art therapy is deeply valued within the Teapot Trust's team and provides these children with a channel through which they can explore and express their thoughts and feelings in a non-verbal manner. 

This art therapy service helps the children to express difficult emotions associated with their illness, to feel more in control, develop confidence and develop healthy coping mechanisms. Art therapy can also help to build resilience through introducing new skills and talents to provide the children with the opportunity to be viewed as an individual rather than a patient in order to see beyond their illness and focus on what they can do rather than what they can't do.

Picture reproduced with kind permission of Christina Kernohan Photography.

“Trefoil’s very generous donation has made an enormous difference to ‘little artists’” 
– The teapot trust