Project Ability

Project Ability is a visual arts organisation, based in Glasgow, which creates opportunities for people with disabilities to be involved in visual arts projects. In February and March, Trefoil sponsored a series of portrait painting master classes.

Project Ability

May 2016


Working with five groups of young people, aged 12-18, across one week, Tanya Raabe-Webber and Project Ability delivered a series of day long portrait painting master classes with school groups and individuals. Each workshop was tailored to the needs of the groups taking part and provided the opportunity to explore new materials, spaces and techniques under the guidance of a professional and experienced portrait artist. Over one week 36 young people with a disability took part.

Using a variety of materials and tools young people had the opportunity to paint, draw, digitally draw using iPads, draw from projections and create work on new and interesting materials including acetates and Perspex. Working on a large scale the young people created self-portraits and peer portraits, exploring a variety of styles and ideas. The finished pieces were displayed alongside Raabe-Webber’s work in Project Ability’s public gallery space with work returned to schools after the exhibition closed.

“It was a great experience and something we would love to repeat again, all those who took part really enjoyed it and really benefited from Tanya’s expertise.” – Lisa Clark Woods, Create Programme Manager, Project Ability