On Call Africa

On Call Africa is a small Scottish charity that provides healthcare for thousands of people in rural Zambia. Trefoil supported the work of volunteer doctors conducting mobile clinics to deliver healthcare to young mothers and their babies, by funding essential medicines.

On Call Africa

May 2016


On Call Africa facilitates volunteer doctors to provide mobile clinics to 9 remote communities in Zambia. The clinics provide medical care, deliver health education and train local community health workers. The outcome is to promote and improve health in isolated rural communities in southern Zambia, who would otherwise have little or no access to medical services. Trefoil supported a programme of maternal, ante-natal and post-natal monitoring and healthcare for young mothers and their children. Trefoil provided funding to procure medicines for free prescription from the mobile clinics. The clinics specifically target the diagnosis and identification of serious illnesses and the reduction on infant mortality. Alongside this primary aim, the clinics improve knowledge of hygiene, STIs, breast-feeding, healthy eating and family planning.

“People are very happy since On Call Africa are doing the clinics in our village. It means they do not have to walk all day to the nearest health centre.” – MOSES, CHAIR OF MULAMFU RURAL HEALTH POST