Maths trip to New York City

Trefoil supported 15 year old Judah, who lives in Barnstaple, to travel to New York to develop his talent for mathematics and encourage his independence and confidence.

Judah Merivale

July 2016


Funding from Trefoil allowed Judah to travel with in a group of 40 students from the UK to New York for an exciting educational adventure. Judah visited the MoMaths museum of Mathematics, participating in classroom sessions and exhibits that stimulated and sparked curiosity, to reveal the wonders of mathematics. Judah visited many of the sights of New York, including the Statue of Liberty, Grand Central Station, 911 Memorial, Times Square, Rockefeller Centre and Empire State Building. The group leaders incorporated maths questions into the outings: visiting the Empire State Building Judah had to calculate the ratio of security personnel to visitors and at the Rockefeller Centre, how long it would take for all of them to get to the top when, the superfast elevators allowed only 12 people at a time. The experience of being in the USA in the run up to the 2016 presidential election has also sparked a political interest in Judah. The architecture and surroundings allowed him to develop his talent for photography.

"I was able to have a experience I thought was impossible for someone like me. I had a magnificent time and I managed to connect with the locals and I really learned about the whole culture of America and American history." – Judah Merivale