Holiday Grant


In September 2018 Trefoil helped fund a holiday for twins, Alec and Bobby. Both Alec and Bobby have Autism. The grant from Trefoil allowed Alec, Bobby and their parents to go on an Autism friendly holiday to Hartland Holiday Centre on the Isle of Wight. Hartland provides sensory rooms and facilities suitable for children with Autism.


“Thanks to the Trefoil grant we have just returned from the Isle of Wight. It really was a proper break for everyone. We met another family there in a similar situation which was also great - the Dads had therapy over a game of pool and the siblings played together.

Alec our non-verbal teen, had great fun in the sensory room and exploring the music room at Hartland centre. We felt he was really safe there and both boys settled in very quickly. Even the outdoor patio has soft surfacing, it’s so well thought out. So thank you once again for taking the worry out of funding this.

Alec’s autistic twin Bobby summed it up: ‘I still don’t like holidays. Except for this one’. “

Mother to Alec & Bobby