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Browser Issues
This system has been optimised for standards compliant browsers.

This means Firefox, Opera, Safari, and almost every other modern browser, EXCEPT Internet Explorer.

If you are using Internet Explorer, everything should still work, but things may not look so cool... and some ease of use will be lost. We recommend you switch to a standards compliant browser, for a more secure and pleasant browsing experience.

for Firefox click here


text formatting: links, smilies, etc
This page lists the special formatting and facilities which are available in every comment / post / message box on the system:

(in this section, what you should type in the text box is shown like this)


private messages
You can send a private message to anyone on the system. ....(more)


articles and replies
The main content of this site consists of articles and replies to these articles.

This site has tree-structured discussion threads for each article, allowing you to reply to the main topic (using the reply box at the foot of the page), or to reply specifically to another reply.

This page describes how to browse these discussion threads, how to create a new article or topic, and how to post a reply or comment.


your home page
If you are a registered user you will have a home page, where you can post information about yourself.

To do this, click on your username on the side panel to bring up your home page. Then click on the edit button (beneath the search box), to bring up a text box allowing you to add text to your page.

Edit this text, and click on the save button.

To add an image to your home page click on the edit button, then on the + sign that appears on your page. This will add a section. You can then add an image by clicking the image button.


When you first join you will have a grey cameo avatar. If you click on this you will be given the choice of uploading your own avatar or choosing one from our gallery. Please do get yourself an avatar, it adds colour to the site

You can change your avatar at any time, just by clicking on the avatar on your own home page.

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