rating the posts

by site administrator on 10 May 08 at 21:24 in help

rating the posts

Posts have ratings, shown in yellow stars. This is an average of all the ratings received for that post so far.

If the post is a reply/comment to another, then you first have to click on the post title to get that post on its own and thus see / set its rating.

Anyone who is logged in can rate any post: just click on the stars. Your rating is then shown in blue.

Members also have ratings, but you cannot rate a person directly - their ratings are calculated as an average of the ratings of their posts.

If you re-rate a post, this will replace your previous rating - you only get one rating per post!

You can even rate your own posts.

Ratings are used to decide whether something appears on the 'latest' page and in some other listings: any post with 2 stars or less will not be shown.

This is intended as a moderation system, so that junk is filtered out by the users of the site, so please rate everything you read!